Cheongsam dress was originally a Manchu banner, then modified to become modern symbol of the Chinese women dress clothing, also known as "female dress." Fully reflects the graceful and dignified Oriental elegance of women. In 1921, women’s dress industry in Shanghai, popular, and then become the exclusive women’s everyday clothing, cheongsam Shanghai became the birthplace of Shanghai. This improved the Shanghai fashion elements into the dress, just right to outline the body beautiful women in Shanghai and charm, but also reflects the spirit of the city Welcome to Wikipedia. Arts in the Expo hall at the "Flowers of Shanghai – a century of large cheongsam show" the variety in the form of fashion show by Chinese sources, Oriental Dream, World Wind, and several other chapters, to model the combination of performances and variety shows the way vividly show the end of the Qing qipao became popular, three to four decades of last century heyday of Shanghai Qipao, cheongsam to the world the new century in three stages in the interpretation of the history of dress at the same time, to the audience to enjoy the beautiful visual .

          Program in the entire show’s qipao, the traditional styles and techniques cleverly integrated into the many fashion elements, or exaggerated, or implicitly, or delicate, or bold, or beautiful, or elegant, indeed, refreshing. It is worth mentioning that, in terms of materials, style, work, embroidery on the very particular about the set, pliers, paste, dang, rolling, cutting, embroidery, painting, nailing nine technologies readily available to fully reflect the production of Shanghai Qipao process. Three groups to flowers, birds, hundreds of hand-painted butterflies as the theme, creative embroidery cheongsam is unique, it is amazing.